Some effects of porcine circovirus on performance

Raymond K. Hines, DVM, PhD; Phil D. Lukert, DVM, PhD; Dean Dau, DVM,MS; and Donald Case, MS

PDF version is available online.

Ten sows positive for antibodies to porcine circovirus (PCV) and ten negative sows from an endemically infected herd were followed through Harrowing to look for differences in production factors and changes in infection status. The ten sows that were seronegative at the start of the study seroconverted; however, there was no difference in the two groups for production factors.Three pigs from each litter, which did not have congenital tremors, were followed from weaning to market weight looking for production factors and evidence of infection. There was no significant difference in the production factors of selected pigs from sows infected prior to Narrowing or from sows that became infected over farrowing.The pigs were infected at approximately 6 months as evidenced by antibody titer.

Keywords: porcine circovirus, PCV, performance, sows

RIS citationCite as: Hines RK, Lukert PD, Dau D, et al. Some effects of porcine circovirus on performance. J Swine Health Prod 1995;3(6):251-255.

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