Preventing Salmonella infection in pigs with offsite weaning

Jerome C. Nietfeld, DVM, PhD; Ingrid Feder, DVM, MS; Ted T. Kramer, DVM, PhD; David Schoneweis, DVM, MS; M. M. Chengappa, DVM, MS, PhD

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Purpose: To evaluate a strategy to prevent Salmonella infectionin pigs from a herd with an ongoing clinical problem with S.choleraesuisbyweaning pigs offsite.

Methods: Fifty-six 10- to 16-day-old pigs were purchased froma herd that had an ongoing problem with S. choleraesuis, and weremoved to an offsite facility. On the day the pigs were purchased (day 0),milk and rectal swab samples were collected from sows in the herd of origin.On days 1, 43, 83, and 109 of the study, rectal and oropharyngeal swabswere collected for Salmonella spp. culture and sera were collectedfor serologic testing for Salmonella antibodies from all offsitepigs. To determine whether there was continuing on-farm transmission ofSalmonella spp., fecal swabs for culture and sera for ELISA testingwere collected from 15 age-matched pigs that remained on the farm of origin.These age-matched pigs were moved on day 61 of the study to an outdoor grow-finishlot, where they were raised to slaughter. Environmental samples were collectedfrom the outdoor growing-finishing pen (from bowl waterers and mud holes)for culture.

Results: In the offsite pigs, no Salmonella spp. were isolatedand there was no serological evidence of Salmonella exposure. Onthe farm, Salmonella spp. were isolated from rectal swabs from sevenof the 15 (46.6%) onsite, age-matched pigs, from 11 (including one samplefrom which S. cholerasuis was isolated) of the 24 (45.9%) environmentalsamples, and from one of 24 (4.2%) rectal swabs from sows. Between days61 and 99 of the study, mean anti-Salmonella titers for onsite pigsincreased, indicating ongoing exposure to Salmonella spp.

Implications: Offsite weaning at 10-16 days of age prevented Salmonellaspp. infection in grow-finish pigs moved to a clean environment.

Keywords: Salmonella, environment

RIS citationCite as: Nietfeld JC, Feder I, Kramer TT, et al. Preventing Salmonella infection in pigs with offsite weaning. J Swine Health Prod 1998;6(1):27-32.

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