Population-based problem solving in swine herds

Dale D. Polson, DVM, MS, PhD; William E. Marsh, PhD; Gary D. Dial, DVM, PhD, MBA

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Because of their analytical training, practitioners are in a unique position to serve pig producers. However, to meet the needs of a dramatically changing industry, the veterinary profession must adopt a business-oriented problem-solving approach to client service. The key ingredients of this approach are understanding the interrelationships among production system components, and applying appropriate techniques to identify problems and make financially sound decisions. This paper discusses the current literature in problem solving and applies it to pork production.

Keywords: production, management, profit

RIS citationCite as: Polson DD, Marsh WE, Dial DG. Population-based problem solving in swine herds. J Swine Health Prod 1998;6(6):267-272.

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