Boar stud production analysis

Stephanie C. Rutten, DVM; Robert B. Morrison, DVM, PhD, MBA; Darwin Reicks, DVM

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Objective: To evaluate productivity (doses per boar space per unit of time) in boars used for artificial insemination.

Method: Collection records of 1646 boars in seven United States studs were used to determine production averages and the effects of collection interval, boar age, and season of the year on productivity. An economic model to assess the most profitable collection interval was designed.

Results: Boars averaged 31.4 usable doses per boar space per week. Productivity increased with shorter collection intervals and older boars. Seasonal effects on productivity were small.

Implications: The optimal collection interval for a boar stud depends upon management priorities prevailing in that stud.

Keywords: semen, collection, boars

RIS citationCite as: Rutten SC, Morrison RB, Reicks D. Boar stud production analysis. J Swine Health Prod 2000;8(1):11-14.

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