Motivating and monitoring minimal crossfostering management

Edwin Zayas-Cruz, VMD; Paul M. Pitcher, DVM, MS; Thomas D. Parsons, VMD, PhD

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Management interventions can be as effective as traditional veterinary medical interventions to control disease and increase productivity. The challenge to the swine practitioner is to motivate the producer to embrace such management changes and then track their implementation. Here we describe a new algorithm to help accomplish this task for farrowing house management. Our crossfostered piglet analysis provides an opportunity to readily document and visualize management patterns. This novel metric can be output as a graphic display, providing a simple tool to help farm employees implement minimal crossfostering strategies aimed at improving piglet growth and potentially minimizing the impact of infectious agents.

Keywords: crossfoster, baby pig management

RIS citationCite as: Zayas-Cruz E, Pitcher PM, Parsons TD. Motivating and monitoring minimal crossfostering management. J Swine Health Prod 2000;8(6):269-272.

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