Journal of Swine Health and Production

January and February, 1993

of the
of Swine

Note: PDFs from the first three volumes have been prepared by scanning the printed pages because the original computer files are no longer available. Consequently, these file size are rather larger than for more recent issues, around 2-3MB each. An optical character recognition process has been used to facilitate searching of text within the PDFs.

Adjusting production targets and interference levels: How to help your clients avoid being tricked
William E. Marsh, MS, PhD; and Alvaro J. Soler, MS

The survival of Streptococcus suis on farm and veterinary equipment
Scott A. Dee, DVM, MS; and Michelle M. Corey

Preweaning morbidity and mortality in the United States swine herd
Roderick C. Tubbs, DVM, MS; H. Scott Hurd, DVM, PhD; David Dargatz, DVM, MS; and George Hill, MS

Streptococcus suis meningitis in finishing pigs of a repopulated herd
Lisa M. Tokach, DVM

Chromosome damage: A cause of small litters in swine
George R. Ruth, DVM, PhD; Lance C. Buoen; TingQuing Zhang, DVM, MS and Al F. Weber, DVM, PhD

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