Cate DeweyFrom the Editor

A picture is worth a thousand words

Dave Brown has worked on the Journal of Swine Health and Production since its inception in 1993. He began as the Managing Editor and then in 1995 became the Art Director, responsible for layout and graphic design. His title changed to 'Publications Editor' and then to 'Technical Advisor.' However, Dave always offered a myriad of assistance. He helped to design the journal, pick the fonts, and determine the layout. In 2000, when we did a major redesign of the journal, Dave did mock-ups of several potential choices for the staff to ponder before we chose the best version. When we had a major shift in staff, Dave kept us going and took responsibility to ensure that we met scheduled deadlines. His most visible contribution to the journal has been the creation of effective published graphics from figures and photographs submitted.

Dave is the person who put into pictures what is sometimes so difficult to illustrate with words. He has given us flow charts to describe swine production systems,1 study design outlines,2 unique ways to display results,2,3 colorful diagrams of chemical compounds and drug molecule diffusion,3 diagrams of pen designs,4 and honest figures,5 to name a few.

We have all benefited from Dave's creative display of information. Although Dave will continue to work for AASV as the web designer, he has resigned his position with the journal. Thank you, Dave, for all of your many years of dedication to the journal.

We are fortunate to be working with Adrenaline Communications who created the figures and prepared photographs for this issue. Adrenaline Communications will continue to work with us for the next few issues of the journal. Tina Smith, our Publications Editor, will assume these responsibilities when her time allows.


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