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March and April, 2003

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Mechanical transmission of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli to weaned pigs by people, and biosecurity procedures that prevented such transmission
Sandra F. Amass, Patrick G. Halbur, Barbara A. Byrne, et al

Financial impact of average parity of culled females in a breed-to-wean swine operation using replacement gilt net present value analysis
Kenneth J. Stalder, R. Curt Lacy, Timothy L. Cross, et al

The influence of canine teeth clipping on nursing and nursery pig performance
Ronald O. Bates, Mark D. Hoge, David B. Edwards, et al

Evaluation of the use of a subunit classical swine fever marker vaccine under field conditions in Mexico
Marc Martens, Carlos Rosales, Antonio Morilla

Diagnostic notes: Pre-harvest food safety diagnostics for Salmonella serovars. Part 1: Microbiological culture
Julie Funk

Practice tip: Creating and using “timelines” for your clients' farms
James Kober

News from the National Pork Board

What's your interpretation?
David Nolan

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