From the Editor

Cate DeweySynergy

Cate Dewey

What does it take to produce the Journal of Swine Health and Production? Creative and skilled authors who choose this journal for their manuscripts; untold volunteer hours from the editorial board, reviewers, and ancillary editors; dedicated JSHAP staff who provide countless hours of editing, managing, graphic design, layout, and proof reading; and MONEY. The major budget items are personnel, printing, and mailing costs. The annual budget is paid for by our Industry Support Council (ISC). These companies are regularly listed on the inside front cover of the journal. To be a member of the ISC, each company supports the journal at a pre-specified level. The ISC also has the opportunity to further support the journal by purchasing additional advertising space. This extra money helps us to enhance the journal by adding extra color to the graphs and figures. I think the journal has a synergistic relationship with the ISC. Synergistic means "acting together; enhancing the effect of another force."1 I think of this when I think of the funding for the journal. Without the ISC's support, we would not have the journal. Without the journal, the ISC would not have the opportunity to present full-page, colored advertisements to the AASV audience every 2 months. Hopefully, the ISC will continue to see this as a synergistic relationship.

The purpose of this message is to remind all readers that the ISC is THE source of funding for the journal. Please help me to thank Alpharma Inc, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc, Elanco, Fort Dodge Animal Health, Intervet, Monsanto Choice Genetics, Novartis Animal Health US, Inc, Pfizer Animal Health, PIC International, and Schering-Plough Animal Health for providing the funds for this year's journal. Without their support, this journal would not be possible.


1 Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary. 25th ed. Toronto, Ontario: WB Saunders Co; 1974:529.