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AASV establishes position statement on PRRS eradication

During its fall meeting on October 12, 2005, in Kansas City, the AASV Board of Directors adopted a position statement regarding the eradication of PRRS. Dr Scott Dee offered a draft statement to the board for consideration, which the board evaluated, modified, and adopted. It was the opinion of the board that PRRS eradication is the ultimate goal and that the AASV should take a lead role in supporting the endeavors of researchers, practitioners, and producers as they strive to achieve this goal. The board revisited the success of the PRV eradication program and indicated that the success of that program was the direct result of stakeholder direction and involvement.

Harry Snelson
AASV Director of Communications

AASV position statement on PRRS eradication

Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) is a significant production-limiting disease of swine that is estimated to cost the US industry approximately 560 million dollars per year. Control of the disease via traditional methods has not been effective in all cases; therefore, it is the position of the AASV that eradication of the disease from the North American swine industry is the long-term goal. The AASV will take a leadership role by partnering with the swine industry to promote collaborative PRRS eradication efforts at the local, regional, and national levels, communicating the need and identifying sources of funding to support such initiatives, and assisting in the transfer of new PRRS-related information and technology across its membership, in order to achieve this goal.