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Biddin’ large in Texas

The AASV Foundation is planning an XL auction for the association’s 40th (XL in Roman numerals) anniversary in Dallas, Texas, where everything is XL! In commemoration of the anniversary and to build on last year’s record-setting effort, the auction committee has challenged the membership to raise $80,000 at the 2009 Foundation Auction.

You may be wondering what the foundation does with the funds it collects. Well, below are some examples of the programs your donations funded in 2008.

The AASV Foundation is funding three research proposals in 2008. The funding – in the amount of $6000 per proposal – supports research efforts at four Midwest universities.

  • At the University of Minnesota, work is underway to develop a real-time PCR for detection of Actinobacillus suis. The AASV Foundation support for this project will enable primary investigator Dr Simone Oliveira to employ a veterinary student to participate in the research effort and submit the results for publication and presentation during the AASV annual meeting.
  • Drs Locke Karriker and Alex Ramirez at Iowa State University are leading a project to create a swine medicine field manual. The foundation funds will assist with the peer review and publication of the first edition of the manual, which consists of a compilation of field diagnostic techniques for swine veterinarians and students. The manual will be produced in electronic as well as print format.
  • The third project funded by the AASV Foundation involves a joint effort by researchers at Kansas State University and Michigan State University and private practitioners. The proposal, submitted by Dr Megan Potter at Kansas State, will explore the use of PCV2 vaccine as a tool in the elimination of PCV2 from infected swine herds. The foundation contribution will support the diagnostic testing needed to complete the third phase of the study.

Also in 2008, the foundation funded a systematic literature review in support of the AASV Pig Welfare Committee’s update of the Swine Euthanasia Guidelines. This thorough review of the pertinent literature associated with humane euthanasia techniques was also forwarded to the AVMA to provide a scientific basis to guide a similar review of AVMA’s guidelines.

The AASV Foundation supports the Swine Externship Grant Program which provides grants of $200 to $500 to veterinary students who complete an externship of at least 2 weeks in a swine practice or a mixed practice with a considerable swine component. The actual amount of the grant is dependent on the costs of the externship and approval of the foundation. Any AASV student member in veterinary school who fulfills the requirements is eligible to apply. Grants are limited to one per student.

Co-sponsoring with Newport Laboratories, the foundation provides travel stipends for veterinary students to attend the AASV annual meeting.

The foundation has sponsored financial-planning seminars at the AASV annual meeting and oversees the administration of the Howard Dunne Lecture and the Alex Hogg Memorial Lecture.

Be sure to visit the AASV Foundation Web site to view the wide variety of items donated by our members and allied industries. We look forward to seeing you at the 2009 AASV Foundation Auction on Monday night March 9 in Dallas, Texas. Bring your XL wallet or purse (cowboy boots and 10-gallon hats optional)! It’s up to you to make this auction the most successful ever!!

Swine veterinarians invited to apply for Hogg Scholarship

The American Association of Swine Veterinarians Foundation is pleased to offer the Hogg Scholarship, established to honor the memory of longtime AASV member and swine industry leader Dr Alex Hogg. Applications for the $10,000 scholarship will be accepted until February 2, 2009, and the scholarship recipient will be announced on March 8 during the Foundation Luncheon at the AASV 2009 Annual Meeting in Dallas.

The intent of the scholarship is to assist a swine veterinarian in his or her efforts to return to school for graduate education (resulting in a master’s degree or higher) in an academic field of study related to swine health and production.

Dr Alex Hogg’s career serves as the ideal model for successful applicants. After 20 years in mixed-animal practice, Dr Hogg pursued a master’s degree in veterinary pathology. He subsequently became Nebraska swine extension veterinarian and professor at the University of Nebraska. Upon “retirement,” Dr Hogg capped off his career with his work for MVP Laboratories. Always an enthusiastic learner, at age 75 he graduated from the Executive Veterinary Program offered at the University of Illinois.

The scholarship application requirements are outlined to the right and on the AASV Web site at http://www.aasv.org/foundation/hoggscholarship.htm.

Hogg Scholarship application requirements

An applicant for the Hogg Scholarship shall have:

1. Five or more years of experience as a swine veterinarian, either in a private practice or in an integrated production setting.

2. Five or more years of continuous membership in the American Association of Swine Veterinarians.

Each applicant is required to submit the following for consideration as a Hogg Scholar:

1. Current curriculum vitae.

2. Letter of intent detailing his or her plans for graduate education and future plans for participation and employment within the swine industry.

3. Two letters of reference from AASV members attesting to the applicant’s qualifications to be a Hogg Scholar.

Applications and requests for information may be addressed to the AASV Foundation, 902 1st Avenue, Perry, IA 50220; Tel: 515-465-5255; E-mail: aasv@aasv.org.

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