Letter to the Editor
Clostridium novyi infection

I read a recent publication by García et al1 with great interest. García et al reported on deadly Clostridium novyi infection in sows. The authors concluded that “In order to achieve a correct diagnosis, it is essential to perform a postmortem examination and collect samples as soon as possible after death. In addition, use of PCR procedures may allow rapid identification of C novyi and the types implicated.” It is agreed that there is a need to verify the exact cause of deaths of unknown etiology, since it is useful for disease control. However, the method of diagnosis of Clostridium novyi infection is controversial. Use of the PCR procedure might be helpful, but it has a high cost and does not provide rapid identification, as the author noted. Cost effectiveness and cost utility of the PCR-based technique and the classical technique should be compared to provide more information for decision making.

Professor Viroj Wiwanitkit

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1. García A, Ayuso D, Benítez JM, Garcia WL, Martinez R, Sanchez S. Clostridium novyi infection causing sow mortality in an Iberian pig herd raised in an outdoor rearing system in Spain. J Swine Health Prod. 2009;17:264–268.