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Foundation supports development of online training module for veterinary students

The AASV Foundation is pleased to announce the funding of a proposal to prepare a Web-based module designed to teach fourth-year veterinary students how to maximize the value of diagnostic submissions. The proposal, submitted by Drs Darin Madson and Locke Karriker at Iowa State University and Dr Jason Hocker of Audubon-Manning Veterinary Clinic, was approved for funding in the amount of $6000 by the AASV Foundation’s Research Review Committee.

The project investigators will identify deficiencies in diagnostic laboratory submission practices that could compromise diagnostic conclusions. They will then prepare training modules designed to demonstrate preferable techniques for selection, collection, handling, submission, and testing of diagnostic samples. The modules will be prepared in video formats compatible with iPad and smartphone technology as well as traditional desktop computer systems.

The proposal timeline allows for development of the content and delivery platform during the remainder of this year. The module will then be offered to veterinary students nationwide for beta-testing during the 2012 spring semester. The final version will be available online through the Swine Medicine Education Center at Iowa State, where it will be used in swine medicine courses taught by the center. The potential exists for further development of the module to provide continuing education for practitioners.

Development of the module ties in with several aspects of the foundation’s mission, including “supporting the development and scholarship of students interested in the swine industry” and “supporting faculty excellence in the teaching of swine health.” Projects funded by the AASV Foundation are to be completed within 12 months, with a report due within 60 days of completion. For additional information regarding the AASV Foundation, see, or contact the AASV: Tel: 515-465-5255; E-mail:

Externship grants assist veterinary students interested in swine medicine

The AASV Foundation encourages veterinary students with an interest in swine medicine to gain extra-curricular “hands-on” experience working with swine practitioners in a private practice or production company. The foundation’s Swine Externship Grant Program, now in its tenth year, provides financial support for veterinary students who participate in a qualifying externship. The grants are available year-round, and range from $200 to $500 per student, based upon the actual expenses incurred during the externship.

Veterinary students who complete an externship of at least 2 weeks’ duration in a swine practice or a mixed practice with a considerable swine component may apply for the grant. Both the student and at least one member of the hosting practice must be members of the AASV. Members who are willing to host students are encouraged to provide their contact information to AASV for inclusion on the list of externship opportunities on the AASV Web site at

In addition to student information, the grant application requests a letter from the hosting practice containing details of the planned externship. After the externship has been completed and the practice has confirmed the student’s participation, the student submits a brief report of his or her experiences, along with expense receipts, to the AASV Foundation before the funds are disbursed.

The foundation has awarded grants to more than 70 students from the United States and Canada since the program’s inception in 2002.

The grant application is available at, and should be submitted prior to the start of the externship. There is a limit of one grant per student. For more information, contact the AASV Foundation: Tel: 515-465-5255; Fax: 515-465-3832; E-mail: