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AASV Foundation establishes Legacy Fund, reopens Leman Fellow program

In an effort to improve the AASV Foundation’s effectiveness in fulfilling its mission, the foundation board has set its sights on increasing its endowment. To accomplish this goal, a new giving program, the Legacy Fund, joins the Heritage and newly re-opened Leman Fellow programs to provide a trio of opportunities for contributing to the endowment.

The endowment provides the financial footing that enables the foundation to sustain its support for research, scholarships, and other projects well into the future. Endowed contributions, including all donations to the Leman and Heritage Fellow programs, are invested to generate income in the form of interest, dividends, and capital gains. The income is used to fund foundation activities, while the original contribution is conserved, helping to assure the organization’s long-term stability and success.

The new Legacy Fund provides an opportunity to recognize a principal donor – or an honoree – through a significant contribution to the endowment. A donor (or multiple donors) may establish and name a Legacy Fund with a gift of $50,000 or more. The fund may be named after the donor or another individual or group. Additionally, the donor designates which of three foundation mission categories the fund proceeds will support: research, education, or long-range issues. The board anticipates that AASV members will appreciate the opportunity to join together to provide lasting support to the foundation in honor of a mentor or in recognition of a shared experience such as the Executive Veterinary Program or the AASV presidency.

In addition to establishing the Legacy Fund, the foundation board has re-opened the Leman Fellow program to allow additional members to join this prestigious group. Initiated in 1995 and named for the late industry leader and former AASV president Dr Allen D Leman, the program is responsible for the original creation and growth of the endowment, focusing on contributions from individuals. It recognizes contributors of $1000 or more with the title of “Leman Fellow.” The foundation currently boasts 121 Leman Fellows, recognized at

The Heritage Fellow program completes the triad of endowment giving options, recognizing contributions of $5000 or more. While the Legacy and Leman programs are based upon monetary donations, the Heritage Fellow program offers additional contribution options, including life-insurance policies, estate bequests, and retirement-plan assets. Heritage Fellows receive a plaque and lapel pin when they are recognized during the foundation’s annual luncheon. Since the program’s inception in 2001, the roster of Heritage Fellows has grown to 43 members, identified at foundation/heritage.htm.

For more information about the AASVF endowment giving programs, or to make a contribution, see or contact the AASV Foundation: Tel: 515-465-5255; E-mail: