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A foundation for giving: Leman, Heritage, and Legacy

In an effort to improve the AASV Foundation’s (AASVF’s) long-term effectiveness in fulfilling its mission, the board has set its sights on increasing the foundation’s endowment. To accomplish this goal, the board has re-opened the Leman Fellow program and established the new Legacy Fund. These join the Heritage program to form a trio of options for supporting the foundation at a variety of giving levels.


Twenty years after establishing the Leman Fellow program in the initial effort to build an endowment for the AASV Foundation, the foundation board has re-opened this popular giving opportunity, enabling a new generation to show their support for the swine veterinary profession. Named for the late industry leader and former AASV president, Dr Allen D. Leman, the program confers the title of “Leman Fellow” upon those who make a contribution of $1000 or more to the foundation endowment. To date, 121 donors have joined the prestigious giving group. The Leman Fellows, recognized at, form the backbone of the foundation, not only through financial support, but also in service to the organization. The Leman Fellows are invited to attend the foundation’s annual luncheon meeting, and many have served on the foundation board and committees.


The Heritage Fellow program represents the next level of support for the foundation, recognizing contributions of $5000 or more. While the Leman Fellow program is based upon monetary donations, Heritage Fellows may select from additional contribution options, including life insurance policies, estate bequests, and retirement plan assets. To enroll in the program, the donor indicates the type and amount of the contribution when submitting the Heritage “Letter of Intent” found at Heritage Fellows receive a plaque and lapel pin when they are recognized during the foundation’s annual luncheon. Since the program’s inception in 2001, the roster of Heritage Fellows has grown to 44 members, identified at


The brand new Legacy Fund provides an opportunity to recognize a principal donor – or an honoree – through a significant contribution to the endowment. A donor (or multiple donors) may establish and name a Legacy Fund with a gift of $50,000 or more. The fund may be named after the donor or another individual or group. Additionally, the donor designates which of three foundation mission categories the fund proceeds will support: 1) research, 2) education, or 3) long-range issues. The board anticipates that AASV members will appreciate the opportunity to join together to provide lasting support to the foundation in honor of a mentor or in recognition of a shared experience such as the Executive Veterinary Program or the AASV presidency.

The AASV Foundation’s endowment provides the financial footing that enables the foundation to sustain its support for research, scholarships, and other projects well into the future. Endowed contributions, including all donations to the Leman, Heritage, and Legacy programs, are invested to generate income in the form of interest, dividends, and capital gains. The income is used to fund foundation activities, while the original contribution is conserved, helping to assure the organization’s long-term stability and success.

For more information about the AASVF endowment giving programs, or to make a contribution, see, or contact the AASV Foundation: Tel: 515-465-5255; E-mail:

MVP Laboratories donates car for raffle

What will they think of next? First it was matching funds, now it’s a car to raffle! MVP Laboratories continues its passionate (!) support of the AASV Foundation by donating a car to be raffled at the foundation auction in Orlando!

As of press time, the make and model are yet to be determined, but the anticipated vehicle value is $25,000. Raffle tickets will be available soon and may be purchased from any AASV Foundation Auction Committee member, from the AASV office, or at the AASV Annual Meeting registration desk in Orlando. The best part: you don’t need to be present to win and all proceeds benefit the AASV Foundation!

For the latest information on the raffle, and to see the many generous donations for the AASV Foundation live and silent auctions, see foundation/2015/auctionlist.php.

AASVF auction dedicated to Dr Rod and Jean Johnson

Under the banner “Follow your passion!” AASV members and industry supporters have been called to participate in the annual auction fundraiser for the AASV Foundation. It’s only fitting that this year’s AASVF Auction Committee has dedicated the 2015 fundraiser in honor of two of the foundation’s most passionate supporters, the late Dr Rod Johnson and his wife, Jean. The auction will take place Monday, March 2, during the AASV Annual Meeting in Orlando.

Dr Johnson was generous towards the foundation with both his time and resources. He served on the AASV Foundation Board from 2002 through 2008, and was president of the foundation in 2008. He contributed to the foundation as both a Leman and a Heritage Fellow. He and his wife Jean donated items for the annual foundation auction as enthusiastically as they requested donations from others, and followed up with their active participation in the auction bidding.

As foundation president, Rod became a driving force behind the increasingly successful auctions. In 2008, he set the “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” of raising $50,000. This goal was certainly audacious, as no previous AASVF auction had approached even $20,000 in proceeds. Nevertheless, his expectations were met as AASV members surpassed the goal by raising more than $70,000 that year. Subsequent auctions repeated this success, as Rod continued to serve on the AASVF Auction Committee through 2014, when he and Jean helped the auction generate more than $100,000 for the second year in a row.

Sadly, Dr Johnson passed away May 22, 2014. His “can do” attitude and encouraging presence will be missed by all who knew and worked with him. However, as the auction committee issues the call to “Follow your passion!” the example set by Rod and Jean Johnson serves to remind us all of the greatness that can be achieved when these words are put into action.

AASV Foundation issues call for research proposals: $60,000 available

As part of its mission to fund research with direct application to the profession, the American Association of Swine Veterinarians Foundation seeks research proposals for funding in 2015. Proposals are due January 30, 2015, and may request a maximum of $30,000 (US$) per project. A maximum of $60,000 will be awarded across two or more projects. The announcement of projects selected for funding will take place at the AASV Foundation Luncheon in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday, March 1, 2015 (awardees may be notified in advance).

Proposed research should fit one of the five action areas stated in the AASV Foundation mission statement (see sidebar).

The instructions for submitting proposals are available on the AASV Foundation Web site at foundation/2015/research.php. Proposals may be submitted by mail or e-mail (preferred).

A panel of AASV members will evaluate and select proposals for funding, based on the following scoring system:

  •  Potential benefit to swine veterinarians/swine industry (40 points)
  •  Probability of success within timeline (35 points)
  •  Scientific/investigative quality (15 points)
  •  Budget justification (5 points)
  •  Originality (5 points)

For more information, or to submit a proposal:

AASV Foundation
830 26th Street
Perry, IA 50220-2328

Tel: 515-465-5255
Fax: 515-465-3832