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Checkoff launches new version of TQA

The National Pork Board (NPB) launched the latest version of the Transport Quality Assurance (TQA) program in March. Version 6 includes updated content in the handbook and contextual interactions in the online training. This new version allows handlers seeking first-time certification to complete the program. However, they must be granted access to the online certification from their TQA advisor. Handlers can locate a TQA advisor under the Certifications tab on

All current TQA advisor certifications expire on May 31, 2017. The NPB requires that advisors do every other advisor certification face-to-face. Advisors who can recertify using the online program should have received an e-mail from the National Pork Board with access to the online materials. If not, they can request a new e-mail by contacting the NPB Service Center (800-456-7675). Advisors who are required to recertify at a face-to-face training can register for available trainings under the Certifications tab of

Checkoff’s science and technology team delivers results

$516,000 saved by Checkoff in cost-share programThe Pork Checkoff’s producer-led science and technology department committees continue to create value by focusing on research projects that help address pork industry issues. This held true in 2016 in several key areas, including substantial progress on the National Pork Board’s goal of reducing the impact of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome and in allocating record funds for antibiotic-related research and solutions.

The impact of PRRSv has declined by $83 million annually compared to the 2010 study“Pork production is a science-based business, and producers deserve to get the maximum return on their investment,” said Dave Pyburn, senior vice president of science and technology for the Checkoff.

He added, “Thanks to innovative collaboration and lots of hard work and strategic leadership, the Pork Checkoff continues to deliver positive results for people, pigs, and the planet through funded research.”

For more information, contact Dave Pyburn at or 515-223-2634.

$4.7m Checkoff funds allocated in 2016 for 62 projects62 science-related projects were funded by the National Pork Board in 2016$669,000 in Checkoff funds were allocated in 2016 for antibiotics research

Checkoff partners with National Hog Farmer to produce antibiotic Webinar

The Pork Checkoff hosted a 1-hour Webinar, “How to Succeed with the New Antibiotic Regulations,” on February 21, that was heard and seen in more than 20 countries. The panel of experts included Dr Dave Pyburn, vice president of science and technology for the National Pork Board, Dr Liz Wagstrom, chief veterinarian for the National Pork Producers Council, and Dr Harry Snelson, director of communications for the American Association of Swine Veterinarians. All three gave updates on how the new FDA antibiotic rules are affecting US producers and answered participant questions. If you missed the live event, the on-demand version is now available at

For more information, contact Mike King at or 515-223-3532.

Checkoff’s Pork Store offers valuable resources

Although some veterinarians may not realize it, most science- and consumer-oriented resources are available to them and their clients at no cost through the National Pork Board’s Pork Store. With its easier-than-ever search and ordering system, users can easily navigate through the available materials and get instant items such as PDF-based fact sheets, or order hard copies of items such as PQA Plus materials, foreign animal disease resources, sustainability items, and much more. The Pork Store is easily accessed via and clicking on the large square labeled “the Pork Store.”

For more information, contact Mike King at or 515-223-3532.