AASV awards nominations due December 15

Do you know an AASV member whose dedication to the association and the swine industry is worthy of recognition? The AASV Awards Committee requests nominations for the following five awards to be presented at the upcoming AASV Annual Meeting in San Diego.

Howard Dunne Memorial Award – Given annually to an AASV member who has made a significant contribution and rendered outstanding service to the AASV and the swine industry.

Meritorious Service Award – Given annually to an individual who has consistently given time and effort to the association in the area of service to the AASV members, officers, and staff.

Swine Practitioner of the Year – Given annually to the swine practitioner (AASV member) who has demonstrated an unusual degree of proficiency in the delivery of veterinary service to his or her clients.

Technical Services/Allied Industry Veterinarian of the Year – Given annually to the technical services or allied industry veterinarian who has demonstrated an unusual degree of proficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of veterinary service to his or her company and its clients, as well as given tirelessly in service to the AASV and the swine industry.

Young Swine Veterinarian of the Year – Given annually to a swine veterinarian who is an AASV member, 5 years or less post graduation, who has demonstrated the ideals of exemplary service and proficiency early in his or her career.

Nominations are due December 15. The nomination letter should specify the award and cite the qualifications of the candidate for the award. Submit to AASV, 830 26th Street, Perry, IA 50220-2328; Fax: 515-465-3832; E-mail: aasv@aasv.org.

New information shared in 2017 salary survey

The AASV recently completed its sixth salary survey of veterinary members in the United States and Canada, and the results are in! The AASV mailed printed copies of the survey results to US and Canadian members and posted the pdf version on the AASV Web site for all members to access at https://www.aasv.org/members/only/SalarySurvey2017.pdf.

Beginning in 2002, AASV has surveyed member salaries every 3 years. The 2017 survey gathered salary and employment details for the year 2016. Of the 955 US and Canadian members who were eligible to participate in the survey, 371 (39%) responded.

As in previous surveys, the AASV membership was classified into two categories: 1) Practitioners: veterinarians who work in private practice or within production systems, and 2) Public/Corporate Veterinarians: veterinarians who work in the allied pork industry or academia. Members in each category received a slightly different version of the survey.

For comparison purposes, the 2017 survey summary presents the same information shared in previous survey reports. Tables and figures compare salary levels with other surveyed parameters, including age, gender, hours worked, number of employees supervised, employer/practice type, and position. The survey also includes a comprehensive list of fringe benefits, noting the percentage of respondents who reported receiving each benefit.

In addition to the usual information, AASV expanded the 2017 summary to include details not shared in the past. A new report displays the income levels of those engaged primarily (90% or more) in swine-related activities separately from the salaries of those who have a lesser percentage of swine involvement. New tables provide average salary, age, gender, and hours worked for several sub-categories of employment activity within each of the Practitioner and Public/Corporate groups. Finally, in addition to breaking down income by age group as has been done in the past, the report now includes a review of income by years since graduation from veterinary school.

The AASV is indebted to IT Specialist David Brown for his management of the online survey instrument, as well as his expertise in compiling the survey results and preparing them for publication. The AASV also extends sincere appreciation to the members of the AASV Membership, Student Recruitment, and Communications Committees who provided suggestions for improving the survey report.

Swine veterinarians represented in AVMA House of Delegates

During the 2017 AVMA Convention in Indianapolis, Dr Jeffrey Harker completed his term of service as AASV’s representative to the AVMA House of Delegates (HOD). Within the HOD, Dr Harker carried the torch for swine veterinarians for nearly 6 years, beginning in 2012 as AASV’s alternate delegate, and advancing to the delegate position in 2014. At the same time, he also served on AASV’s Board of Directors representing members in District 4 (Indiana and Michigan). The AASV presented Dr Harker with the Meritorious Service Award during the 2017 AASV Annual Meeting in recognition of his commitment to the association.

As AASV’s delegate to the HOD, Dr Harker worked to build coalitions with other allied groups within AVMA and chaired the Allied Caucus meeting held during the Indianapolis convention. The AVMA recognized and thanked him for his service at the conclusion of the HOD meeting on July 21.

Given the small percentage of swine veterinarians within the AVMA, AASV relies on the voices of experienced, respected, and articulate members to inform veterinary colleagues about swine practice and to represent the interests of swine veterinarians within AVMA. As Dr Harker steps down from this role, he passes the torch to Dr Tara Donovan, who becomes AASV’s delegate in the HOD after serving as alternate for the past 3 years.

Dr Donovan’s experience in the swine industry speaks for itself. She is currently vice president of veterinary management for The Hanor Company, where she has been employed for 18 years. She is accustomed to representing swine veterinarians in a variety of settings, having served on numerous AASV and industry committees and working groups. She led AASV as president in 2012.

Dr Donovan is joined in representing AASV members in the AVMA HOD by Dr Deborah Murray, who will serve a 3-year term as AASV’s alternate delegate. Dr Murray received her DVM degree from the University of Minnesota in 2006, and has been employed as a veterinarian at New Fashion Pork for the past 10 years. She has made numerous presentations at swine veterinary conferences. She was named AASV’s Young Swine Veterinarian of the Year in 2012, and received the Science in Practice Award at the 2016 Allen D. Leman Swine Conference.

The AASV is fortunate to have well-qualified, dedicated members willing to represent the interests of the swine veterinary profession within AVMA.

Position announcement: Associate Editor, Journal of Swine Health and Production (JSHAP)

The AASV seeks a scientific editor to fill the position being vacated by retiring JSHAP Associate Editor Dr Judi Bell. The associate editor will work closely with and have the support of an experienced publication team including the JSHAP Executive Editor, who directs the peer-review process and coordinates activities of the JSHAP staff and editorial board; the JSHAP Publications Manager, who handles internal staff communications as well as external communications with authors and manuscript submitters; and the JSHAP Graphic Designer and AASV Webmaster, who each prepare the copy-edited files for publication in print and electronic formats.

General qualifications

  • Experience in scientific editing
  • Experience in swine health and production preferred
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills
  • Advanced degree (MS, DVM, PhD or equivalent) preferred


  • Work with authors of scientific articles
  • Convert scientific articles to JSHAP style (currently AMA style)
  • Edit scientific articles
    • Scientific grammar and style
    • Summary
    • Headings and subheadings
    • Conflict of interest and disclaimer sections
    • Reference list format
    • Comments by reviewers and executive editor
    • Expository summary
    • Tables to grid format
    • Copy edit manuscript
    • Legends and footnotes of figures/tables
    • Implications section
    • Summary for translation to Spanish and French
    • Accurately proofread final manuscripts and “all page final” of the journal
  • Copy edit ancillary manuscripts
    • Style
    • Grammar and spelling
    • Proofreading
  • Work unsupervised (geographic location negotiable)
  • Set and adhere to strict deadlines for self and others

Time commitment

  • It is expected that this position will be at least a 0.75 FTE

To apply

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Applicants are requested to send a resume, two references, and a brief statement (no more than one page) why you are applying for this position to AASV, 830 26th St, Perry, IA 50220-2328, Tel: 515-465-5255, E-mail: aasv@aasv.org.