Volume 4, Number 1

 January and February, 1996

Swine Health and Production

of the
of Swine



Partial budget analysis of sow Escherichia coli vaccination
(PDF only)
Thomas E. Wittum and Catherine E. Dewey

Low-quality soybeans and corn as feedstuffs for swine
(PDF only)
David M. Iverson and Robert C. Thaler

Identifying hypoprolific boars by examining production records
(PDF only)
TingQing Zhang, William E. Marsh, Vickie L. King, Lance C. Buoen, George R. Ruth, and Alvin F. Weber

Management effects on preweaning mortality:
A report of the NAHMS National Swine Survey

(PDF only)
Gary L. Bowman, Stephen L. Ott, and Eric J. Bush

Diagnostic notes: Laboratory diagnosis of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus infection
(PDF only)
AASP Subcommittee on PRRS Members: Jim Collins, Scott Dee, Pat Halbur, Kerry Keffaber, Beth Lautner, Monte McCaw, Max Rodibaugh (ex-officio), Ernest Sanford, and Paul Yeske

Diagnostic notes: Detecting PRRSV in boar semen
(PDF only)
Jane Christopher-Hennings, Eric A. Nelson, and David A. Benfield

Commentary: Hog heaven: Is it on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico?
(PDF only)
Monte W. Fuhrman

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