Volume 4, Number 2

 March and April, 1996

Swine Health and Production

of the
of Swine



The influence of pen density, weaning age, and feeder space on
serum haptoglobin concentration in young growing swine

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Charles J. Francisco, David P. Bane, Ronald M. Weigel, and Laura Unverzagt

Effect of injecting sows with prostaglandin F2a immediately
postpartum on subsequent reproductive performance

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WE Morgan Morrow, Jack Britt, Austin Belschner, Gerry Neeley, and Julia O'Carroll

Evaluating antibody isotype-specific ELISA, complement
fixation, and Apx1 hemolysin neutralization tests to detect
serum antibodies in pigs infected with Actinobacillus
serotype 1

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Juan A. Montaraz, Brad Fenwick, Howard Hill, and Maureen Rider

The influence of nutrient intake on biological measures of breeding herd productivity
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Yuzo Koketsu, Gary D. Dial, James E. Pettigrew, and Vickie L. King

Control of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome
(PRRS) virus

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AASP Subcommittee on PRRS members: Scott Dee, Jim Collins, Pat Halbur, Kerry Keffaber, Beth Lautner, Monte McCaw, Dale Polson, Max Rodibaugh (ex officio), Ernest Sanford, Paul Yeske

Diagnostic Notes: PRRS serology: A critical component of the diagnostic workup
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Scott Dee and HanSoo Joo

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