Volume 4, Number 4

 July and August, 1996

Swine Health and Production

of the
of Swine



Economic evaluation of new technologies for pork producers: Examples of all-in­all-out and segregated early weaning
(PDF only)
John D. Lawrence

Detecting subpopulations after PRRS virus infection in large breeding herds using multiple serologic tests
(PDF only)
Scott A. Dee, Han Soo Joo, Steve Henry, et al.

Effects of lactation length on weaning-to-first-service interval, first-service farrowing rate, and subsequent litter size
(PDF only)
John W. Mabry, Matt S. Culbertson, David Reeves

Survival of bacteria and virus in ground piglet carcasses applied to cropland for disposal
(PDF only)
Lee J. Johnston, Chaunpis Ajariyakhajorn, Sagar M. Goyal, et al.

Cesarean section: A surgical method to derive pigs free of Streptococcus suis
(PDF only)
Sandra F. Amass, Rexanne Struve, L. Kirk Clark, Ching Ching Wu

Diagnostic Notes: Interpreting culture reports from swine lungs
(PDF only)
Barbara E. Straw, Catherine E. Dewey, and E. Dennis Erickson

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