Volume 4, Number 5

 September and October, 1996

Swine Health and Production

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President's message

Effect of dietary particle size on gastric ulcers, assessed by endoscopic examination
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Heather L. Ayles, Robert M. Friendship, and Ronald O. Ball

Evaluation of segregated early weaning investigating performance, immunologic indicators (CD4, CD8), and herd health status
(PDF only)
Thomas J. Fangman, Roderick C. Tubbs, B. Ann Becker, et al.

Influence of weaning site, weaning age, and viral exposure on production performance in early-weaned nursery pigs
(PDF only)
Thomas J. Fangman, Roderick C. Tubbs, and Kelly Henningsen-Dyer

A possible relationship between low facility dust and endotoxin levels and improved growth rates in pigs reared by Isowean(SM)
(PDF only)
Carolyn K. Crowe, D.L. Hank Harris, Larry P. Elliott, et al.

Evaluation of a transmissible gastroenteritis virus eradication program in a breeding stock supply herd
(PDF only)
Jane Carpenter and Catherine Templeton

Diagnostic notes: Swine toxicoses
(PDF only)
Stephen B. Hooser

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