AASP Vice-Presidential Candidates

January and February, 1997

H. Neil Becker, DVM, MS

Objectives for serving

To repay all those who have gone before, in some small way, for their many contributions to the AASP. "To honor the past and build for the future."


  • Birthdate: March 29, 1938
  • Married to Helen; Children: Garet, Monica, and Cory


  • BS 1960 - University of Illinois
  • DVM 1962 - University of Illinois
  • MS 1967 - University of Illinois


  • 1962-1964: Illinois State Diagnostic Laboratory
  • 1964-1969: Illinois Cooperative Extension Service, Swine Veterinary Extension Specialist
  • 1969-1974: Private practice, Shabbona, Illinois
  • 1974-1988: University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine, Associate Professor, Swine Medicine
  • 1988-1991: Private practice, Melrose, Florida
  • 1991-present: Technical service specialist, pork, Pharmacia and Upjohn

Professional activities-Current

  • Michigan State University Swine Health Seminar
  • Executive Veterinary Program (EVP), University of Illinois
  • AASP Communications Committee

Professional activities-Previous

  • DeKalb County (Illinois) Cooperative Extension Advisory Board
  • Kishwaukee Community College Instructor -Swine Health and Management
  • Service Chief-Rural Animal Medicine Service, University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine, Swine Medicine Teaching, Research and Service
  • Alachua Veterinary Medical Association, Vice President and President Elect
  • JAVMA and AJVR Editorial Boards
  • American Association of Agricultural Consultants

Professional organizations-

  • AVMA
  • AASP (Charter Member)
  • FVMA (Inactive status)
  • AAIV

Current positions-Activities

Technical support for sales and service of swine products for the Pork Strategic Business Unit, Pharmacia and Upjohn Animal Health

Business address

9919 East 1000 Street
Clarks Hill, Indiana 47930

Fax: 317-523-3039
Phone mail: 800-732-9485 x760989
email: hnbecker@pwinet.upj.com

Alan B. Scheidt

Alan Scheidt, a native of Columbus, Indiana, received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Hanover College in 1972, his Master of Science degree in Veterinary Medicine in 1983, and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1976 from Purdue University. Al practiced in St. Louis, Missouri from 1976-1978. Following his Master's studies with Dr. Lew Runnels at Purdue, he worked in the swine feed industry. In 1984, Al returned to Purdue University as a faculty member in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences. There he taught swine production medicine, did research with application to the pork industry, and participated in pork extension activities. In 1993, Al returned to industry and currently is manager of technical services for the Pork Business Team for Pfizer Animal Health. The Scheidt family lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. Al is also an adjunct faculty member at the North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine, working with faculty in both the Departments of Food Animal and Equine Medicine and the Extension Service within the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Al joined the AASP in 1975 while a veterinary student at Purdue. He has served the AASP on the Animal Welfare Committee, the Veterinary Medical Education Student and Faculty Committee, and the Student Seminars Committee. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners(ABVP), Swine Health Management Specialty. Within ABVP, he is the vice-chairperson for credentials and responsible for the entry examination. Al is married to Gwyn and they have three young adults: Rhiannon (19), Michael (17), and Brad (15). They enjoy travel, camping, scuba, hiking, music, and animals. They are members of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Al has the following to say about seeking the vice-presidency of AASP: "Belonging to the AASP since I was a veterinary student has influenced my choice of careers. I have always known that the AASP was committed to providing scientific, timely, relevant, practitioner-oriented information to the members. Toward that tradition of excellence I am seeking the office of vice-president. My goals are as follows:

  • maintain that tradition of excellence and enhance the delivery of scientific information to AASP members;
  • promote the journal of Swine Health and Production as a premier source of scientific information;
  • focus continuing education opportunities on relevant and practical information;
  • support the representatives of the AASP with resources which allow them to meet the needs of swine practitioners and other AASP members in their districts;
  • incorporate the latest technology into the delivery of scientific information;
  • review our relationship with NPPC and work toward making pork the meat of choice by the year 2000;
  • survey and monitor global information which affects the North American pork industry and swine practice;
  • review membership trends and determine member needs for the future; and
  • review veterinary medical education in North America with regard to swine diseases, production, and economics.