AASP Pork Producer Partnerssm activities

May and June, 1999

"Pork TV" and you: What's the connection?

Have you yet watched the latest copy of the "Pork TV" videotape, one of several that have been delivered to your door over the last few months? Well, to be honest, I haven't, either. What have we been missing? Plenty!

The "Pork TV" concept is being sponsored by the AASP and several industrial partners as one method to get the message out to producers that the AASP, among other organizations, promotes the skills and abilities needed to help producers survive and thrive in today's competitive swine industry. Past tapes have included segments focused on who the AASP is, how our membership serves today's industry, and how to incorporate artificial insemination (AI) into a production system successfully. In each of the
3- to 4-minute segments, an active member of AASP informs producers how we, swine veterinarians, add value to the modern pork production enterprise.

Future "Pork TV" segment topics are currently being developed, including

  • biosecurity (which will include our AASP Biosecurity Brochure),
  • euthanasia,
  • prudent drug use,

and other topics. As a follow-up to the upcoming videos, the AASP will attempt to understand how producers are watching and acting on the messages from the video. If you have an idea for a segment topic, especially one that includes on-farm sections, please contact the AASP office or a Public Relations Committee Member (Brian Roggow, Mike Senn, Teddi Wolff, John Kolb, Jim Bradford, and Bruce McClain).

Well, now that you will be eagerly awaiting the next delivery of "Pork TV" on videocassette to your door, the next question might be, "How can I best utilize this tool?" There are several ways. First and most importantly, take half an hour to watch the video! See how your AASP counterparts are finding innovative ways to add value to the industry and themselves. Certainly, the membership is diverse and finding many unique ways to fit into the changing industry. The topic may provide you with an idea to incorporate into your practice. Second, be prepared to answer questions from your producers who have watched the video. Lastly, support your profession by encouraging producers who have not watched the video to go home and do so. Better yet, have the video available in your clinic to walk them through the segment right away.

"Pork TV" and you--a great partnership to reach pork producers with the message that the AASP and its members can be key partners in the swine industry.

-- submitted by Dr. John Kolb