Volume 7, Number 4

July and August, 1999

Swine Health and Production

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President's message
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From the Editor
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A retrospective study of factors associated with eliminating circulating pseudorabies virus in sow herds
(HTML and PDF)
John Deen, Gene A. Erickson, and Gail Scherba

Castration at 3 days of age temporarily slows growth of pigs
(HTML and PDF)
Jane Kielly, Catherine E. Dewey, and Mark Cochran

Effect of competitive exclusion treatment on colonization of early-weaned pigs by Salmonella serovar Choleraesuis
(HTML and PDF)
Robin C. Anderson, Larry H. Stanker, Colin R. Young, et al.

Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae disease and serology
(HTML and PDF)
Thomas A. Marsteller and Brad Fenwick

Helicobacter infection: What should a swine practitioner know?
(HTML and PDF)
Robert M. Friendship, Sergey Melnichouk, and Nonie L. Smart

Diagnostic notes:
New diagnostic technologies: What do they mean for the veterinary practitioner?
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David H. Zeman

Reports (HTML only):

Update on the acute PRRS investigative study
Eric J Bush, Barbara Corso, Jeff Zimmerman, et al.

PRRS collaborative investigative study
Joseph F. Connor

AASP Pork Producer Partner activities
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