From the Editor

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Judi Bell is the new Associate Editor of Swine Health and Production. Dr. Bell graduated with a BA in English from Carleton University in 1967 and a DVM from the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) in 1971.

After graduation, Dr. Bell spent 2 years in an equine and small animal practice and then 5 years in a multi-person, large animal practice in Southern Ontario. She then worked as a clinician at the OVC and completed an MSc. Her research topic was the use of fluid therapy in neonatal pigs infected with TGE. Following this degree, Dr. Bell worked for 5 years in her own single-person, large animal practice.

In 1989, Dr. Bell received her PhD from the University of Wisconsin. Her area of study was Campylobacter jejuni in mink and ferrets. She then worked for 7 years as the staff veterinarian at Marshall Farms in New York, raising dogs for research and ferrets for research and pets.

Dr. Bell has been interested in medical writing for many years. She has been a self-employed medical writer since 1996 and has written proceedings papers and scientific articles for veterinarians and physicians. At the OVC, she teaches senior veterinary students to write case reports and edits the papers they submit as part of their compulsory externship. Recently, Dr. Bell wrote the Swine Medicines Manual which is used by Ontario veterinarians to train producers about the proper use of pharmaceuticals. Dr. Bell reviews manuscript submissions from many journals and is considered a world expert in ferrets. Since 1998, Dr. Bell has worked with gnotobiotic pigs as part of a xenotransplant research program.

Dr. Bell's vast experience, her education and her skill, interest, and enthusiasm for scientific writing will be an asset to our journal. Please welcome her to the AASP and specifically to the staff of Swine Health and Production.

Eileen Kuhlmann has agreed to remain in her position as Managing Editor until a suitable replacement has been hired in Perry, Iowa. I really appreciate her ongoing support of SHAP. Authors may continue to contact the SHAP office at 6126251993, or via FAX at 6126251210, via email at Sometime this summer the SHAP office will be moved to Perry, Iowa. The contact information will be phone 5154655255, FAX 5154653832 and email Please check the web page for the current information.