AASV members' forum

One last call for your thoughts...

This column is sponsored by the AASV Membership-Public Relations Committee. In the last few issues, the column introduced in this space provided a forum for AASV members to express their thoughts. In the last column, we heard from fellow member Dr James Bradford, as well as a member who wished to remain anonymous. Both brought out several key issues about the industry and our organization. This column is an open forum for you - the members -- to bring up any thoughts you may feel need an airingbefore the members of the AASV. However, we are particularly interested in what you may think regarding what we are as an organization - what the AASV should become and how we can be more effective in attracting, retaining, and serving members. We are also particularly interestedin hearing anything regarding AASV public relations issues. It's a way for your voice to be heard for the benefit of our organization and our industry.

Except for the thoughts expressed in last month's forum - which I solicited - there has been no response to the questions that have been raised in this column. I'm really not sure why that is, or whether it is good or bad. It could mean a number of things. It could mean that every member is happy with the status quo. It could mean that members don't think what they have to say matters. It could be that members are too busy. It could mean that members are too shy to express their thoughts. OK, yeah, I know enough members to rule that one out - and we will respect a desire for anonymity. It could mean that members don't have strong opinions. Whoops, there's another one we can rule out. It could mean that the e-mail address doesn't work - but that's not it, because I sent myself a message last month to test it out. Do you know the one thing I am most certain that it does not mean? I know that it does not mean that our members don't care. To me, one of the greatest things about our members is how much they care about AASV and how deeply committed they are to their profession.

So... this is one last call for your thoughts. We will be meeting this month to develop a new plan for this column if we don't hear from you. I believe that if we find that we don't need this forum, it could mean that other ways exist for getting these thoughts out, and they are working to address the needs just fine. And that is not all bad.

The AASV will need to continue to change to meet the challenges of the changing world. Please feel open to send in your thoughts. Again, as you saw in the last column,if you prefer to remain anonymous, that will be respected.

What do you think? Do you agree with some of the thoughts that have been expressed in this column? Do you disagree? Do you have additional or different thoughts? What do you think about how you see AASV evolving? As an organization, how are we meeting the challenges? Are we continuing in our role as leaders in the Swine Industry? What new challenges should the AASV take on? What role do you believe that the AASV should play in the future?

I again urge you to please share your thoughts. We need to know what you are thinking and how the AASV Membership-Public Relations Committee can better addressthe demands of today. Please e-mail your thoughts to me at prcomm@aasv.org. We will use all of the thoughts - and share some of those with your fellow members in future columns that appear here.

-- contributed by Bruce McClain, DVM