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2020 Application for Membership

American Association of Swine Veterinarians

This form may be used to renew or apply for Active, Associate, Graduate Student, and Veterinary Student Membership. All membership is conducted on a calendar-year (Jan-Dec) basis with no pro-rating of dues, except Veterinary Student Membership, which is conducted on a school-year (Sept-Aug) basis. If you would prefer to mail your application, please use this PDF. If you are a 2019 DVM graduate, you are eligible for one year complimentary membership; please submit this PDF by mail or email. For Affiliate (non-veterinarian) membership, please use this form (PDF); renewals are accepted online but you must log in first. To apply for Life Membership, please contact the AASV office.

Email opt-in: Your application for membership in the AASV, if accepted, will "opt-in" to receiving messages from the AASV at the email address you provide. If you prefer not to receive some of these messages, you may adjust your preferences once you have been issued a username and password. You may also block all automatic email at This block may be established at any time, even before you submit your application.

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AASV members receive the print and digital editions of the Journal of Swine Health and Production, a subscription to the weekly AASV e-Letter, and online access to the digital proceedings of the 2020 AASV Annual Meeting. Members also receive access to the 2020 Swine Information Library on the AASV website at no additional cost!
INACTIVE (RETIRED) MEMBERS shall have completed ten (10) continuous years as an active member of the Association, be retired from veterinary activity, and request reduced dues status.
STUDENT MEMBERS shall be enrolled in an accredited school or college of veterinary medicine. They shall not have voting power nor hold office.
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Special Offers for AASV Members
US $110
More than a decade of swine proceedings papers and JSHAP articles at your fingertips! This handy USB drive provides the Swine Information Library in a portable format for access WITHOUT an Internet connection. Orders will be shipped in March 2020. Please note, you do NOT need to purchase this flash drive in order to access the Swine Information Library on the AASV Web site. For more information about the Swine Information Library, see this page (link opens a new window; you won't lose your membership information).
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