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CoverSwine Disease Manual

Fourth Edition, edited by E.J. Neumann, A. Ramirez, and K.J. Schwartz

The Swine Disease Manual is...
Sold Out! (Work on the 5th edition is under way, with publication anticipated in late 2019. Please check back later.) informative reference for students, instructors, practitioners, technicians, and anyone working in the swine industry. It provides a concise overview of most diseases and syndromes affecting swine, with diseases grouped by etiologic agent. The fourth edition has been completely revised and updated, and contains new information on clostridial disease, salmonellosis, porcine circovirus, and more! The book is 170 pages, indexed, and contains a section of tables that provide a quick overview of diseases affecting a single body system and aid in differential diagnosis. An excellent study guide for veterinary board examinations!

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(PDF A sample of pages from this work is available as a PDF.)

Swine Disease Manual, 4th Edition
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