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Foundation funding supports PRRSV genomics research

The AASV Foundation is pleased to announce funding for the study “Applied swine genomics for PRRSV resistance and pathogenesis in the fetus and uterus.” The project proposal, submitted by Dr Susan Detmer at the University of Saskatchewan, was approved for funding in the amount of $6000 by the AASV Foundation’s research review committee. The foundation’s support will supplement the project’s primary funding from Genome Canada (co-primary investigator Dr John Harding), enabling a graduate student to participate in the data collection and analysis over the summer.

Using a reproductive model developed over the past year, the multicenter project will examine the PRRS resistance within sows and fetuses by comparing the genotype of the fetuses and dams to the tissue viral loads and histopathologic lesions in the fetuses and adjacent uterus. Multivariate analysis will be used to estimate potential relationships between predictor variables and the PRRS-resistance score. Additionally, the project will be looking at specifically identified potential markers of PRRS resistance.

One outcome of the project may be a genetic -marker-assisted selection of genetic lines that have a reduced impact of PRRS viral disease. The investigators hope to present preliminary results at the 2013 AASV Annual Meeting.

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MJ Biologics and MVP Laboratories pledge matching funds for 2013 AASVF Auction

The impetus for another record-setting AASV Foundation Auction is firmly in place with a commitment from MJ Biologics and MVP Laboratories to provide matching funds to the AASV Foundation, with the match amount based upon the auction results. The agreement, initiated by Bill Marks and Mary Lou Hogg, specifies a donation of 50 cents for each dollar raised at the 2013 AASV Foundation auction in San Diego. However, if the auction receipts total $100,000 or more, the donation jumps to an even $100,000. The contribution is expected to fund research to benefit swine veterinarians and the pork industry, one of the key points in the AASV Foundation’s mission. “This is an incredible and exciting commitment of support for the Foundation’s mission,” says Foundation Treasurer/Secretary Tom Burkgren. “It will certainly transform our ability to fund research of importance to our members.”

The 2012 AASVF Auction raised more than $80,000, a record for the association. Dr Daryl Olsen, the chair of the 2013 AASVF Auction Committee, will lead the effort to surpass the $100,000 mark. The 2013 auction will take place on Monday, March 4, during the AASV Annual Meeting in San Diego, California. The AASV Foundation is the charitable arm of the AASV. Its mission is to empower swine veterinarians to achieve a higher level of personal and professional effectiveness. More information about the Foundation’s giving programs and activities is available at