Pork Quality AssuranceSM

January and February, 1998

AASP to have creative inputs into production of Pork TV

Many AASP members have been involved in Pork Quality AssuranceSM activities from the program's inception in 1989. The PQA PartnerSM Program began in 1995 as a way to enlist the help of pork-allied industries in encouraging all United States pork producers to complete the Pork Quality Assurance Program. In April 1997, the AASP accepted a more structured role in promoting PQA by becoming a PQA Partner. As a PQA Partner, AASP looks for opportunities to promote veterinarian involvement in PQA-related activities.

Pork TV is a broadcast-quality, magazine-style television program designed to help America's leading pork producers become more profitable, quality-conscious, and united as an industry. The program was originated by and will be produced by REL Productions, Inc., a Des Moines-based company. Pork TV will use video to translate educational information into a usable and entertaining learning system. The Pork TV format will revolve around specialty segments on issues of concern to swine producers. The AASP has agreed to provide veterinary personnel and expertise for a regularly featured swine health segment. Dr. Tom Burkgren, AASP Executive Director, had the chance to preview a demonstration video produced by REL. According to Tom, "producers and practitioners will be very pleased by the quality and content of the video."

Pork TV will use allied industry sponsorships to support the cost of producing and distributing the show. Advertising and promotional spots will be kept to a minimum in each Pork TV program. Copies of Pork TV will be mailed on a quarterly basis to 19,000+ PQA Level III producers, AASP members, the Top 40 corporate swine operations, and key university swine programs. Additional copies may be purchased by non-PQA Level III producers for a discounted price, and by non-producers for full retail price.

Dr. Burkgren anticipates that Pork TV will dovetail nicely with the ongoing efforts of AASP's Public Relations Committee to raise producer awareness. He goes on to say that "Pork TV is a tremendous opportunity to establish another line of communication with pork producers. It's a way to highlight the benefits to the pork producer of establishing an ongoing relationship with his/her swine practitioner."

--contributed by Dr. Teddi Wolff, AASP Public Relations Committee