Pork Checkoff at WorkNews from the NPPC

November and December, 1999

3rd International Symposium on the Epidemiology and Control of Salmonella in Pork

Barb Determan, NPPC Pork Safety Committee Chair, and Drs. Beth Lautner, Paul Sundberg, and Dave Pyburn from the NPPC Science and Technology staff attended this symposium in Washington, DC on August 5-7, 1999. This meeting, which is held once every 2 years, brings together the top international researchers on Salmonella in pork. The meeting focused on both preharvest and postharvest issues and interventions involving Salmonella in pork. At the conclusion of the meeting, a roundtable discussion of the symposium and of the current status of the United States pork industry with regard to Salmonella in pork was held with key United States Salmonella researchers. Audiotapes of the roundtable discussion will be made available to AASP members. The pork industry was one of the main sponsors of the symposium. Proceedings of the symposium may be ordered from Ms. Laurie Vold, Office of Extension and Continuing Education, 102 Scheman Building, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011. Copies are available for $50.00 plus shipping and handling.

NPPC/AASP Biosecurity Working Group meeting

On August 12, 1999 a meeting of the joint NPPC/AASP working group on biosecurity issues in the pork industry was held. Producers, researchers, and veterinarians attended this meeting, at which the group developed plans for biosecurity educational materials, outlined the next steps in biosecurity research, and received updates from Dr. Sandy Amass on pork industry-funded biosecurity research currently in progress. The results of Dr. Amass's work will be submitted in the future to Swine Health and Production. The group discussed the biosecurity research needs of the industry and prioritized the top two issues as: transport hygiene/disinfection and downtime or "pig-free" time. The group discussed the biosecurity educational needs of the industry and prioritized the top two issues as: transport/trucker issues and a biosecurity checklist to be used on farms.

New national color and marbling standards available

New pork color and marbling standards are available from the NPPC. Color standards range from 1.0 (practical lightest) to 6.0 (practical darkest). Marbling standards range from 1.0 on up reflecting differences in intramuscular fat. The standards shown include 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, and 10.0, reflecting actual differences in lipid content. The Pork Quality Standards for use in plants or labs are available in a laminated card format ($32.50 per set). The standards are available in posters ($10 each) and notebook charts ($1 each) as well. To order any of these items contact NPPC at 515-223-2600.