Lisa Tokach

Lisa Tokach, a native of Minnesota, received her DVM from University of Minnesota in 1990. She began her veterinary career at the Abilene Animal Hospital in Abilene, Kansas, which was a five-person mixed practice at that time. It has since grown to a nine-veterinarian practice with three veterinarians practicing swine medicine. Dr. Tokach spends her time servicing swine clients and serving as the personnel director for her practice. Since 1996, Dr. Tokach has also been the president of Kansas Swine Alliance, a management firm promoting interdependence among smaller Kansas producers.

Dr. Tokach became involved in the AASP as a student. She has served as a member of the Public Relations Committee (1991-1994), the treasurer of the AASP Foundation (1993-1996), chairperson of the Animal Welfare Committee (1994-1998), and chairperson of the Human Health Committee (1998-present). Currently, she is the senior member of the AASP Board of Directors, where she has represented District 7 since 1993.

Lisa's family includes her husband Mike, who is a swine nutritionist at Kansas State University, and their two children, Sage and Rogan. The Tokach family enjoys backpacking, camping and many other outdoor activities. Lisa is also a member of St. Andrew's Church, a 4-H leader for Veterinary Science, a foster puppy raiser for Kansas Specialty Dog Services, and a member of the Parents As Teachers Advisory Board.

In regards to being a candidate for AASP Vice President, Dr. Tokach says, "Even before graduating from veterinary school, the AASP has been very supportive. I have enjoyed serving the organization via committees and as a board member over the past several years. The educational opportunities offered and camaraderie amongst my colleagues keeps me coming back for more. I have watched the organization make the transformation from a supportive specialty group to a powerful, well recognized and respected organization that is the envy of many other veterinary and agricultural associations.

"We are practicing in a time of great change in the swine industry. By supporting each other and educating ourselves to adapt to the new needs of our ever-changing client base, we become stronger as practitioners, as an organization, and as an industry. I would be honored to have the opportunity to represent our organization."

Catherine Templeton

  • Born and raised on a farm in southwestern Quebec (Canada).
  • BSc (AGR) in Animal Science and Nutrition from the University of Guelph in 1978.
  • DVM from the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph in 1982.
  • Spent 1 year in mixed practice in Drayton, Ontario and 4 years in a seven-vet large animal practice in Listowel, Ontario.
  • Established swine-only consulting practice in 1987, and this now operates with two veterinarians.
  • Partner and health/production manager for Synergy Services Inc., a 14,000-sow vertically coordinated production group.
  • Involved with partners in two production units.
  • Member of the AASP; Ontario Association of Swine Practitioners; Western. Canadian Association of Swine Practitioners; former member Board of Directors; Ontario Veterinary Medical Association.


"The recent, rapid changes in the structure of the swine industry in North America pose major challenges for the AASP and the future of swine veterinary medicine. The AASP should be instrumental in helping swine veterinarians to carve out a place for the profession in the new industry.

"The AASP should be looking for leaders that can take up this challenge."