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May and June, 1997

Using partial budgets to analyze selected management practices associated with reduced preweaning mortality

David M. Lane, DVM; C. Matthew Rendleman, PhD; Stephen L. Ott, PhD

This template was originally created in Microsoft Excel version 5.0 for the Macintosh.

I used the SUMPRODUCT function which apparantly isn't available on some other spreadsheet packages, such as Quattro Pro. This function in this template multiplies each dollar value by the hidden multiplier (i.e., the number of litters or by 1 for the whole year) and then sums the products.

Additionally, it seems that some spreadsheets may complain about summing a range that includes empty cells. I'm less certain of how to get around this and still have a useful number of blank rows into which to put data.

I can, if anyone wants, create a simplified version that might be more transportable to other systems. Though this won't be as high up on our list as getting out the next issue, please let me know what your needs are and we can try to help. Send email to webmaster@aasp.org.

But for now, here's what you can download...

  • The complete 6-sheet Excel 5.0 workbook, including a blank template, a copy of the template with explanations of the formulae, and each partial budget presented in Lane, et al.
    • Cross-Platform: Raw binary format (v5n3p95.xls) [50k]
    • Windows: PKZip-compressed (v5n3p95.zip) [13k] (you'll need pkunzip)
    • Windows: PKZip plus UUCoded (v5n3p95.uue) [18k] (you'll need pkunzip)
    • Macintosh: Stuffit (self-extracting) plus BinHex (v5n3p95.xls.sea.hqx) [50k] {it's so big because it includes the decompression code)

Hope this will be of some use,

Dave Brown
Publications Editor, Swine Health and Production