Foreign Animal Diseases (AASV FAD Committee page)

General reference

Report a Suspected FAD -- Describes the procedure to report a suspected foreign animal disease.

State Animal Health Offices -- This is a list of each state's animal health office and contact information.

USAHA Guide to Foreign Animal Diseases -- Also known as "The Gray Book", this guide compiled by the USAHA Committee on Foreign and Emerging Diseases in 2008.

Center for Food Security and Public Health -- Reference for emerging and exotic diseases of animals. The Center is based at ISU and directed by Dr. Jim Roth.

World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) -- The OIE is the worldwide repository of animal disease information including outbreaks, distribution, trade standards, testing methodologies, treatment/prevention/control procedures. Made up of 160+ countries, the OIE is recognized by the World Trade Organization as the standard-setting reference organization for animal health.

World Animal Health Information Database (WAHID) -- Compilation of OIE information regarding disease outbreaks and distribution. The database can be searched by disease, country or region.

European Union Animal Health Guidelines -- Describes guidlines set forth by the European Commission directorate governing animal health issues concerning EU member countries.

DEFRA Animal Health -- United Kingdom's animal disease reference website.



Methods for shipping samples to Plum Island Animal Disease Center -- Describes the procedures for packaging and shipping samples to the USDA's Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab (FADDL) at Plum Island.

USDA FAD PReP -- USDA APHIS Foreign Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Plan website includes Guidelines, Industry Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures and other resources.

Swine Industry Facilities Manual -- Manual developed by the Center for Food Security and Public Health in collaboration with AASV, NPB, University of Minnesota and USDA to provide background information on the U.S. swine industry for use by responders during an animal health emergency.

National Veterinary Services Laboratory (NVSL) -- Describes the services offered by NVSL.

National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN) -- Provides information regarding the NAHLN laboratory system, lab locations and lists labs approved for specific testing.

USDA Veterinary Services Offices -- Provides contact information and the locations of all USDA area field offices.



African Swine Fever

Center for Food Security and Public Health -- Excellent reference for in-depth review of African swine fever.

2010 ASF Update -- Dr. Luis Rodriguez presented an update on the current spread of ASF and renewed research efforts at Plum Island during a presentation to the Transmissible Diseases of Swine committee at the 2010 USAHA Annual meeting.


Classical Swine Fever (CSF, Hog Cholera)

Center for Food Security and Public Health -- Excellent reference for in-depth review of classical swine fever.

USDA CSF Surveillance Program -- outlines the USDA surveillance program to detect the presence or introduction of classical swine fever.

Classical Swine Fever Video -- educational video on CSF

Classical Swine Fever Brochure -- Brochure describing the clinical signs and lesions associated with classical swine fever.

Got Tonsil? -- AASV brochure describing CSF and sample collection method for submitting tonsils for diagnostic and surveillance testing.

Classical Swine Fever Poster -- reference poster displaying photos of the typical CSF lesions and a description of the disease.


Pseudorabies (PRV, Aujesky's Disease)

PRV Final Report -- USDA published report highlighting the history of the successful eradication of PRV from the commercial swine herd in the U.S.

Center for Food Security and Public Health -- Reference for in-depth review of pseudorabies virus.

PRV Eradication Program Standards -- Program standards developed by the swine industry in collaboration with state and federal animal health officials to guide the PRV eradication program.


Last updated: October 11, 2016