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About the Library

The Swine Information Library is a compendium of 16196 papers (PDF format) from 109 swine veterinary conferences*, collected and published annually by the AASV. Additionally, 754 articles from the AASV's Journal of Swine Health and Production are part of this resource. AASV Members receive access to the complete Swine Information Library on the AASV web site as a benefit of membership. No additional purchase is required for member online access!

The Swine Information Library is also available for purchase on a USB flash drive, for portability and use without Internet access. Purchase of the flash drive is limited to AASV members and Journal of Swine Health and Production subscribers, in accordance with our agreements with the organizations from which we draw content. An order form is online here (login required). You may also order the flash drive when you renew or begin your membership. Institutional subscribers may contact the AASV office for ordering information.

The full text of the articles is searchable as part of the general site search function available from the top of every AASV web page. You may restrict this search to include only the Swine Information Library.

AASV Swine Information Library Contents

Web access

These resources are currently available online:

New in 2020:

The following content is new for 2020. It will be included on the 2020 Swine Information Library USB Flash Drive, and will be available online only to members who have joined/renewed AASV membership for 2020.
  • AASV Annual Meeting (2020)
  • AASV Pre-Conference Seminars (2020)
  • Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2019)
  • ISU James D. McKean Swine Disease Conference (2019)
  • Journal of Swine Health and Production (2019)

*Article counts may include items being prepared for inclusion in the next edition.

Please email David Brown, dave@aasv.org if you have any questions or would like further assistance.