AASV Foundation
Call for Research Proposals

As part of its mission to fund research with direct application to the profession, the American Association of Swine Veterinarians Foundation seeks research proposals for funding in 2018. Proposals are due January 16, 2018, and may request a maximum of $30,000 (US$) per project. Up to $60,000 will be awarded across two or more projects. The announcement of projects selected for funding will take place at the AASV Foundation Luncheon in San Diego, California on Sunday, March 4, 2018 (awardees will be notified in advance).

Proposed research should fit one of the five action areas stated in the AASV Foundation mission statement.
The mission of the AASV Foundation is to empower swine veterinarians to achieve a higher level of personal and professional effectiveness by:

  • enhancing the image of the swine veterinary profession
  • supporting the development and scholarship of students and veterinarians interested in the swine industry
  • addressing long-range issues of the profession
  • supporting faculty and promoting excellence in the teaching of swine health and production
  • funding research with direct application to the profession

Instructions for Grant Application (Research or Investigative study)

Please use the following headings and subheadings for your proposal submission:


PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR (contact information)

  1. List co-investigators
  2. Identify an AASV member that will be involved with the project
  3. Contract/Grants Administrator (contact information), if applicable
  4. Short biography of primary investigator(s)


  1. Identification of the problem
  2. Value of the research to swine veterinarians



  1. Experimental design or investigative method
  2. Materials and methods
  3. Statistical analysis or investigative procedures

TIMELINE (Maximum: 12 months)

  1. **Interim reports will be required quarterly** (see report format)

BUDGET (No overhead)

  1. How much are you requesting? (Maximum: $30,000)
  2. Roughly how will it be spent?
  3. List other sources of funding (University, Grants, National Pork Board, etc)
  4. The AASV Foundation does not pay indirect costs associated with a proposal.


  1. Explain your plan to disclose/publish/present the results
  2. Besides quarterly reports, a separate final report will be due within 60 days of stated project completion. Please use this report format.

A panel of AASV members will evaluate and select proposals for funding, based on the following scoring system:

  • Potential benefit to swine veterinarians/swine industry (40 points)
  • Probability of success within timeline (35 points)
  • Scientific/investigative quality (15 points)
  • Budget justification (5 points)
  • Originality (5 points)

Proposals may be submitted by mail or email (preferred) Word or PDF.

For more information, or to submit a proposal:

AASV Foundation
830 26th Street
Perry, IA 50220-2328
Tel: 515-465-5255
Fax: 515-465-3832
E-mail: aasv@aasv.org