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Dr. Terri O'Sullivan, Executive Editor:
Dr. Judi Bell, Associate Editor:
Karen Richardson, Publications Manager:
Tina Smith, Graphic Design and Advertising Coordinator:
David Brown, IT Specialist:

Dr. Zvonimir Poljak, Consulting Epidemiologist
Dr. Laura Batista and Sandra Perez, Spanish Translators
Dr. Serge Messier, French Translator

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Journal of Swine Health and Production
c/o Department of Population Medicine
University of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario N1G 2W1
Tel: 519-856-2089

Editorial Board

Dr. Glen Almond, North Carolina
Dr. Jane Christopher-Hennings, South Dakota
Dr. Phil Gauger, Iowa
Dr. John Harding, Saskatchewan
Dr. James Kober, Michigan
Dr. Adam Moeser, Michigan
Dr. Tom Parsons, Pennsylvania
Dr. Andres Perez, Minnesota
Dr. Alex Ramirez, Iowa
Dr. Yolande Seddon, Saskatchewan
Dr. Mike Tokach, Kansas
Dr. Beth Young, Sweden