September and October, 1997

New Membership Directory for AASP

A new membership directory for the AASP is currently being prepared for publication in early 1998. It will be sent in print form to all AASP members and will be available to members electronically on the AASP web page. The AASP office is working to ensure that the directory is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Members can assist the office by completing the "member data form" that will be found in their membership renewal packets. Members will receive their renewal packets in November. Any changes in addresses or phone numbers should be included on the data form. In addition, members are asked to note whether the data represents work or home information. The data forms must be returned to the AASP office by January 1, 1998 in order for the information to be included in the new directory.

Euthanasia brochure enclosed

Enclosed in your journal you will find a brochure offering guidelines for humane euthanasia of swine. This brochure was written and developed by the Swine Welfare Committee of the AASP, in conjunction with the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC). Dr. Lisa Tokach serves as chair of the AASP Swine Welfare Committee. Additional copies are available from the AASP office--contact Sue Schulteis or Tom Burkgren.

Email list for AASP members

We have developed a new feature for AASP members only. This is an electronic discussion list, like Swine-L. Because of the sensitive nature of some of our discussion topics, we (the AASP Executive Committee & Swine Health and Production Executive Editor) have decided to create a new list with access restricted to AASP members only. Our intent is to supplement, not replace, Swine-L. Swine-L will continue with excellent discussions from around the world.

Note: as you tell others about this service, please be aware that it is available to AASP members only and not to nonmember subscribers to Swine Health and Production. Our reasoning is that participants will be more willing to discuss their issues in a forum that includes only other members.

Here are the instructions for signing up

First, send an email to This will reply automatically--usually within just a minute or two--telling you exactly what email address to enter. Sometimes the email address at which you receive mail is not the same as the address from which you send mail. You must enter the address from which you send email exactly or the software will not allow you to send messages.

Visit and follow the on-screen instructions. Note that you will need your member username and password to access this page.

Make sure when you send a message that is intended for AASP members that you send it to the correct address. This address is

As always, if you have any difficulty, please send email to