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Pork Producers Advised to Know Source of Feed Ingredients

Animal Nutrition Association of Canada says biosecurity remains the main line of defense for ensuring feed remains free of the pathogens responsible for transmitting disease, such as African swine fever.

African swine fever was the focus yesterday of a Telephone Town Hall. Melissa Dumont, the Executive Director of the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada, told participants the association is working with the Canadian Pork Council, the provincial pork associations, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and others and has been alerting feed mills and ingredient suppliers of the concerns with ASF and the biosecurity measures to ensure any risks are being mitigated. [Source: Farmscape.ca, by Bruce Cochrane, September 26, 2018]

Clip-Melissa Dumont-Animal Nutrition Association of Canada:

"We do have a biosecurity guide that has been published and it's publicly available so if it's something that interests you you can look it up on our web site. This is something that we strongly encourage all of our members and anyone producing feed, whether it's at the commercial level or on farm level in Canada, to be following. In the guide we have many ideas and best practices to ensure that you have good biosecurity within your feed manufacturing system which also includes who you buy your ingredients from and what kind of supplier approval program you have.

"To add, on top of that we have the Feed Assure Program which is a comprehensive hazard identification program and control system and has also been recognized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as meeting all standards established under the agency's own Food Safety Enhancement Program so that the commercial feed mills who are buying ingredients know where their ingredients are coming from and know who they're buying them from.

"As we continue to learn and as the research continues, these programs will continue to evolve and continue to include the newest research and the newest information that we have on protecting our feed mills and our feed ingredients and ensuring that we have the best biosecurity information available for producers and for feed mills in Canada."