U.S. One Health Zoonotic Disease Prioritization Workshop Report

Today CDC posted the final workshop report from the U.S. One Health Zoonotic Disease Prioritization Workshop jointly hosted by CDC, the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI), and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). [Source: CDC 25 April 2019]

During this workshop, participants from each of these agencies voted on a list of priority zoonotic diseases to be jointly addressed by human, animal, and environmental health sectors in relevant U.S. federal agency programs using a multisectoral, One Health approach. This was the first time multiple government agencies in the United States worked together to prioritize zoonotic diseases of national concern and is a critical step towards a coordinated U.S.-specific approach to One Health.

The workshop report outlines the process, the resulting list of prioritized zoonotic diseases, and discussions and recommendations by the participants on how to work together to address the diseases and strengthen One Health in the United States.

Prioritized zoonotic diseases for the United States

  1. Zoonotic influenza
  2. Salmonellosis
  3. West Nile virus
  4. Plague
  5. Emerging coronaviruses (e.g., severe acute respiratory syndrome and Middle East respiratory syndrome)
  6. Rabies
  7. Brucellosis
  8. Lyme disease

Learn more and read the report here.