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Calcium-to-Phosphorus Ratio Established for 11-to-22-kg Pigs

The amount of calcium in pig diets must be calculated precisely. Too much can decrease phosphorus digestibility and feed intake, leading to lower weight gain in pigs. [Source: Farm Journal's Pork, 19 August 2019, by Laruen Quinn, University of Illinois]

Hans H. Stein, professor in the Department of Animal Sciences and the Division of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Illinois, and his graduate students have established the optimum ratio of calcium and phosphorus for most pig weight classes. In a recent Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology article, they complete the picture with a recommendation for 11-to-22-kilogram pigs.

"We determined that if phosphorus is provided at the required level of 0.33%, the optimal ratio of calcium to phosphorus is 1.39:1 or 1.25:1 to maximize daily gain and gain-to-feed, respectively. To optimize bone ash, which is important for breeding sows, the ratio is 1.66:1," Stein says. "This is in very good agreement with our previous data from other weight classes."

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