Doc Tales

Ok, I missed a couple of weeks so I'm going to make up for it with an exchange between Sue Schulteis in the AASV office and Kent Schwartz at the ISU VDL. This one is just for the geeks in all of us.

KENT: "Hi Sue: Thank you and AASV for BOD meeting update and 2020 AASV program. I am really looking forward to the Research Topics presentation "Detecting anti-PRRSV antibody isotopes ...". . Thanks for all you do... I am sure I am not the first, nor the last, to give you a poke. It is so rare we are afforded that opportunity that I couldn't pass it up!!"

SUE: "Oops, that should not be isotypes, should it?! Dang! Thanks for catching that and pointing it out. Now to track down the half-dozen places that has already been reproduced (that aren't already in print)! Good eye!"

KENT: "Sue:
For clarity...isotypes is correct.
Isotopes are (usually unstable) elements with abnormal number of protons or neutrons."

SUE: "Oh boy, now I am really confused! So it was isotypes everyplace I looked (which I then changed to isotopes, thinking that's what it was supposed to be) - where did you see isotopes originally?"

KENT: "Oh, my!! I am so sorry... I saw "isotopes" in the one page mini-program that came with BOD minutes/report just this week. Then I looked in JSHAP and saw that it was correctly written as "isotypes". My understanding is that antibody isotypes are the different "classes" of antibody (IgG, IgA, IgD, IgM, IgE) and subtypes. Again, my apologies. My sense of humor just isn't funny, dang it."

SUE:" No worries; it's all fixed now and I'm laughing - leave it to me to misinterpret as I jump to conclusions on something I know nothing about! Isotypes makes sense now; thanks for the explanation ... I guess swine nuclear medicine isn't quite as far along as I thought! Learn something new every day ..."

KENT: "Would your comment, bolded above (and with some context), be appropriate for "doc tales"?? I thought it very clever!!"