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International PRRS Symposium Held in Chicago

The 2006 International PRRS Symposium was recently held in Chicago with approximately 200 attendees.

An international list of PRRS researchers presented over two dozen scientific presentations, many molecular-based with a few on practical topics. Topics discussed included viral persistence and genetic resistance, immunity, vaccines, viral genomics, and PRRS ecology. Presentations were also heard on the eradication effort in Chile and the formation of an eradication task force in Minnesota. The symposium included a number of poster sessions as well.

In addition, the PRRS CAP External Stakeholder Advisory Board (ESAB) also met. The ESAB, led by out-going chair Dr. David Benfield, discussed the results of research conducted during PRRS CAP I and the transition to PRRS CAP II. Dr. Mike Murtaugh provided a review of the accomplishments of PRRS CAP I research efforts which are summarized on the PRRS website. The group emphasized the need to identify possible gaps in current research directions with regard to the PRRS CAP mission and to promote transparency in the funding process.

Dr. Bob Rowland is leading the effort to secure funding for PRRS CAP II and Dr. Steve Henry will chair the incoming ESAB.