AASV/NPIF Internship Grants Awarded to Six Veterinary Students

The Student Recruitment Committee is pleased to announce the selection of six veterinary students to receive the AASV Foundation/National Pork Industry Foundation Internship Grants. NPIF graciously provided funding to support six student interns in 2009. Each intern will spend one full month with a US swine practitioner-mentor in the field next summer. Throughout 2009, the students and their mentors are encouraged to have contact to help the student gain a better understanding of the life of a swine practitioner.

The students selected to participate in the program in 2009 are: Jennifer Arnall (University of California-Davis), Abbey Canon (Iowa State University), Jeremy DiBari (Cornell University), Kathleen Elstrott (Louisiana State University), Rachael Gately (Texas A&M University), and Jamie Gosch (Iowa State University). Each student will receive a $3300 grant to offset costs involved with their participation in the internship.

The AASV Student Recruitment Committee is currently seeking US swine practitioner mentors for the program. Please contact Brian Payne (brian.payne@boehringer-ingelheim.com or 815-901-4957 mobile) with inquiries regarding this mentoring opportunity.