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FAO Publishes Book on Biofuels Co-Products Use in Animal Feeds

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization recently published a book entitled Biofuel co-products as livestock feed - Opportunities and challenges. AASV member Dr Harold Tilstra co-authored Chapter 3; ”Impact of United States biofuels co-products on the feed industry”.

One objective of the book is to discuss and summarize state of-the-art knowledge on current and future availability of co-products from the feedstocks most used for the production of biofuels, and use of the co-products as livestock feed.

With an increasing need for biofuels and expanding markets for co-products, another objective was to summarize information on alternative feedstocks, with an emphasis on cellulosic materials and nonconventional sources.

Finally, the third objective of this publication was to identify gaps in knowledge and define research topics to fill them. Subjects predominating include standardization of product quality, needed to aid ration formulation; testing of new products; development of detoxification procedures; research on microalgae; and life cycle analysis linked to traditional nutritional appraisal.

A pdf file of the book is available at for download. The print version will be available at: