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Senecavirus A Confirmed in Ontario

Senecavirus A (formerly called Seneca Valley Virus or SVV) has been confirmed in Ontario. Clinical signs of this disease closely resemble Foot and Mouth Disease, so the U.S. authorities have turned away at least eight truckloads of pigs which apparently showed signs of the disease. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is testing all swine at federal processing plants that are symptomatic. Processing plants can be shut down up to 72 hours while testing is being conducted, which immediately stops the flow of hogs and shipping of pork products from that facility. If a plant is shut down, its customers and suppliers will be notified of pending production and product delays/cancellations. [Source: Manitoba Pork, October 4, 2016]

Manitoba producers should take the following biosecurity measures:

  • Know the symptoms of Senecavirus A (blisters/vesicles or ulcers of the snout, mouth, and/or just above the hoof; lameness, fevers, lack of energy and/or appetite; lesions; 4-10 day increase in piglet mortality with/without diarrhea)
  • Ensure your transporters exercise biosecurity and know the symptoms of Senecavirus A
  • Ask your plant, marketer and/or assembly yard about their processes to address this disease

If your herd shows any symptoms, immediately implement the following protocol:

  • Stop any movement on and off farm.
  • Call your herd veterinarian and the CFIA office (Manitoba region: 204-259-1400).
  • Do not leave the premises while awaiting CFIA and veterinary help.
  • Notify your transporter, plant and/or assembly yard if loads left your farm in the previous 12-24 hours of you noticing symptoms.

Click here for additional Senacavirus A information on Manitoba Pork’s website.