Alternative handling tools for moving grow-finish pig cadavers

Ella E. Akin, BS; Anna K. Johnson, PhD; Suzanne T. Millman, PhD; Cassandra D. Jass, DVM; Kenneth J. Stalder, PhD; John P. Stinn, PhD; Jason W. Ross, PhD

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The National Pork Board provides recommendations for humane handling tools and non-ambulatory pig handling methods. However, there are limited published studies that evaluate the efficacy of handling tools for on-farm manual movement of grow-finish non-ambulatory or cadaver pigs. A sked, deer sled, and modified deer sled were studied as handling tools for non-ambulatory grow-finish pigs. Handling tools were tested on-farm using pig cadavers (59-134 kg) to evaluate effectiveness based on employee effort and opinion. Our results support the sked and deer sled as effective handling tools to move grow-finish pigs, while the modified deer sled was ineffective.

Keywords: caretakers, grow-finish pig, handling tools, non-ambulatory pigs

RIS citationCite as: Akin EE, Johnson AK, Millman ST, Jass CD, Stalder KJ, Stinn JP, Ross JW. Alternative handling tools for moving grow-finish pig cadavers. J Swine Health Prod 2020;28(3):125-134.

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