Biosecurity considerations for pork production units

Sandra F. Amass, DVM, PhD, dipl ABVP; L. Kirk Clark, DVM, PhD

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This paper summarizes and critiques the peer-reviewed literatureconcerning biosecurity considerations in the pork industry. Manuscriptsconcerning source of genetic material and segregation procedureswere examined to address the risks of introduction of new genetics.Other biosecurity risks reviewed include transmission of pathogensby aerosol, birds, insects, nonporcine animals, and vehicles;and pathogen survival in dead pigs, feed, manure, water, and soil.Many decisions regarding biosecurity protocols on pork productionunits are currently based on producer and veterinary experienceand opinion, not on scientific research. Consequently, researchis needed in many areas either to validate current protocols orto develop new scientifically sound biosecurity measures for thepork industry.

Keywords: biosecurity, pathogens, protocol, industry

RIS citationCite as: Amass SF, Clark LK. Biosecurity considerations for pork production units. J Swine Health Prod 1999;7(5):217-228.

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