Author guidelines
Guidelines for authors submitting manuscripts

Journal of Swine Health and Production—— January and February 2010

A more recent and/or more detailed version may be available; see for any changes.

Submit manuscripts to the Publications Manager.

Please include:

  • An electronic copy of your manuscript, double-spaced, with pages and lines numbered continuously;
  • Files of all figures and tables: tables may be prepared using the table function in Word (preferably) or in spreadsheet files;
  • For all authors, names (first, middle initial, last), affiliations, and academic degrees beyond bachelor’s level; and
  • For the corresponding author, complete mailing address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address (please indicate whether you wish the e-mail address published).

Unless given alternate instructions, we will correspond with the first author, who will also receive reader inquiries and requests for reprints.

We will have your summary professionally translated into French and Spanish.

Editorial office

Karen Richardson, Publications Manager, Journal of Swine Health and Production, Tel: 519-856-2089; Fax: 519-763-3117; E-mail:

Animal care

For experiments performed in research facilities or on commercial farms, include a statement indicating that the studies were reviewed and approved by the institutional animal care and use committee (or equivalent). For case reports and studies performed under field conditions in which animals are not manipulated beyond what would be required for diagnostic purposes, it must be clear that housing was adequate and that the animals were humanely cared for.


If you are using copyrighted material, you must advise the editors of this when you submit your manuscript. You are responsible for securing permission to use copyrighted art or text, including the payment of fees.

Copyright transfer

When a manuscript is submitted to the Journal of Swine Health and Production, a pre-review copyright agreement and financial disclosure statement must be signed by all authors. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to secure these signatures. This form can be downloaded from the AASV Web site. Fax signed copies to Karen Richardson at 519-763-3117. When your manuscript is accepted for publication, you will be required to transfer copyright to the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, with the exceptions of United States government employees whose work is in the public domain, and portions of manuscripts used by permission of another copyright holder.

Prior publication

We do not republish materials previously published in refereed journals. Sections of theses and extension publications that may be of particular value to our readership will be considered. Prior publication of an abstract only (for example, in a proceedings book) is generally acceptable.

Types of articles

The Journal of Swine Health and Production publishes the following types of peer-reviewed manuscripts:

  • Original research
  • Brief communication
  • Case report
  • Case study
  • Literature review
  • Production tool
  • Peer-reviewed commentary
  • Peer-reviewed diagnostic notes
  • Peer-reviewed practice tip

Reference format

Authors are responsible for the accuracy of their references. References must be cited in the text using consecutive superscript numbers and listed at the end of the text in numerical order. Non-refereed references are marked with an asterisk to the left of the reference number. Only personal communications may remain in the text in parentheses. Refer to recent issues of the Journal of Swine Health and Production for examples of formatting for specific types of references.

Figures and tables

  • Submit each table or figure on a separate page.
  • Make reference in the text to all figures and tables, citing them in consecutive order.
  • Provide us with numerical data for all figures, including SD or SE for means.
  • Supply brief but complete titles for tables and legends for figures. Explain in footnotes abbreviations used in a table, using symbols.
  • For P values reported in a table or figure, provide the name of the statistical method used (eg, Student’s t test, ANOVA), not the name of the software.
  • Submit high-quality illustrations or photographs as individual .jpeg or .tif files.
  • Do not paste figures into the word processing document containing the text of the manuscript. Submit them separately, eg, submit figures created in Excel® as Excel® files, and submit figures created in other programs as .eps files (ie, save as .eps files from within the program that created the figures).


The Journal of Swine Health and Production adheres, with a few exceptions, to the style of the American Medical Association. A conversion chart is included in each issue of the journal and at the end of the Author guidelines document on the Web site at

Please see the Web version of Author guidelines for full details on journal requirements for submitted manuscripts.