Note from the editor

March and April, 1998

We have an opportunity for you to consider: Executive Editor of our journal, Swine Health and Production. The Executive Editor oversees and guides the journal in our ongoing quest to have it serve the information needs of the AASP membership. As such, this is an opportunity for you to contribute to our Association, advance the state of our knowledge, learn a new function, and earn a small stipend while doing so.

The Executive Editor:

  • directs an editorial staff of four paid staff people;
  • manages an annual budget of approximately $140,000; and
  • is ultimately responsible for all publication decisions.

The Executive Editor interacts regularly with Dr. Tom Burkgren and the Executive Committee of the AASP, and reports semi-annually to the Board of Directors of the AASP.

The Executive Editor works cooperatively with a nine-person Editorial Board, who direct the review of manuscripts and provide valuable input regarding the review system as well as scientific issues and content. In addition, contributing editors manage the cover graphics, Diagnostic Notes, and Practice and Computing Tips.

Most importantly, an excellent group of staff people support the Executive Editor and produce the journal:

  • Associate Editor (Ruth Cronje), who interacts with authors, Editorial Board members, and reviewers for all manuscripts; and coordinates sponsors, the printing company, and other staff;
  • Publications Editor (Dave Brown), who executes the graphic design and layout of the journal and serves as AASP Webmaster,
  • Managing Editor (Carrie Daniel), who tracks all manuscripts and manages the editorial office, and
  • Proofreader (Karen Starry), who ensures that each issue is as free as possible from errors.

The time commitment for the Executive Editor will probably be 3-4 days per month while becoming familiar with the position, and 1-2 days thereafter. The time is required on a sporadic, but somewhat predictable, basis.

If you are interested in applying for Exeutive Editorship of Swine Health and Production, or want to learn more about it, please contact Dr. Bob Morrison (612-625-9276) or Dr. Tom Burkgren (515-465-5255). Applications should be sent to:

American Association of Swine Practitioners
c/o Tom Burkgren
902 1st Street
Perry, Iowa 50220-1704

Your application should include a copy of your resume, a list of three references, and a brief statement of your vision for the journal. Applications will be accepted until June 1, 1998. Selection will be made by July 1, and the new Executive Editor will start as soon as possible thereafter.